2014 Nuclear Threat Initiative Index: Pakistan above India in terms of nuclear safety

Eurasia News

WASHINGTON: A US study on worldwide nuclear materials security for 2014 has ranked Pakistan above India in terms of nuclear safety and lauded Pakistan for showing remarkable improvement towards nuclear security regulations and practices.

According to the 2014 Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Index, Pakistan is ranked 22nd and India lags behind at 23rd place out of 25 countries with weapons usable nuclear materials worldwide while China is placed 20th on the index.

The 2014 NTI Index states that the scores of the nine nuclear-armed states remained mostly static, with some states’ scores increasing or decreasing by a single point.

However, Pakistan was a notable exception, with its score increasing by three points, it acknowledged.

The NTI study predicts further improvement in Pakistan’s regulations for protection and threat prevention.