1st military parade begins in Kazakhstan

Eurasia News

Astana, Kazakhstan: The President of Kazakhstan, Commander-in-chief President Nursultan Nazarbayev opened the first military parade in the history of Kazakhstan held at the 40th military base ‘Otar’ in Zhambyl province. The Dispatch News Desk reports.

All TV channels of the country are conducting a live broadcasting of the military parade. “The army is a reliable shield of our state, and holding it is not only a great responsibility, but also an honor for every Kazakh serviceman,” Nazarbayev said, opening a military parade. He recalled that this year Defender of the Fatherland Day is for the first time celebrated as a public holiday. On May 7, 2013 army units are showing their skills in tactics and the practical application of advanced models of weapons included in the inventory of the ground forces and the air defense forces. At the same time vessels of the Naval Forces of Kazakhstan in the Caspian sea are conducting battle firing demonstrated in live video broadcasting regime. 7 thousand servicemen, more than 400 units of armored vehicles and automotive equipment, more than 86 aircraft and helicopters are taking part at the parade.