The World Jewish Congress 4th general assembly is being held in Budapest from May 5 to 7

Eurasia News

Budapest: The World Jewish Congress (WJC) 14th general assembly is being held in Budapest from May 5 to 7.

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, who is scheduled to speak at the opening of the forum on May 5, ordered police to prevent planned protests by far-right organisations against the holding of the congress in Budapest.

Hungary’s parliament has banned display of any fascist and communist symbols, including swastikas, SS insignia, that of the Arrow Cross – Hungary’s World War 2 pro-Nazi organisation – as well as the hammer-and-sickle and the communist red star.

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder, quoted by the EJP, said: “This will be a good opportunity to show that by standing united, world Jewry can make its voice heard and can improve things. We are looking forward to meet in Budapest, which has a great Jewish history and a vibrant community.”


The WJC deliberately chose Budapest as the first non-Israeli venue for its annual general meeting to highlight the risk of the resurgence of antisemitism, the head of the Hungarian Jewish umbrella organisation MAZSIHISZ told news website on April 30. Hungarian secret services were co-operating with Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency to secure the event.