Six-member family found dead in Gyumri Armenia

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Six-member family found dead in Gyumri Armenia
Police outside the house where six-member family found dead in Gyumri Armenia

Gyumri, Armenia: A family of six members has been killed in Gyumri, 120 km away from Yerevan in Armenia. Presidential Office of Armenia is following the case by getting all updates, said spokesman of the President of Armenia.

According to initial reports, police has found an AK-74 rifle, 5.45mm cartridges, a magazine with bullets as well as military boots on the crime scene and believe that  family is by one Russian serviceman  Valeri Permyakov who is based in Russian military base stationed in Gyumri. Police has failed to get information about the possible motives of the murders. Circumstances evidences indicate that killer knew this family and used to visit them because he was sitting with this family before crime as his shoes are found outside the room where crime took place.

Family members were found dead at a house in Armenia’s second largest city of Gyumri in the morning. Killed persons include a two-year-old child while a six months of age child has been shifted to hospital.

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan held consultations with chiefs of law-enforcement agencies in connection with a mass family murder committed on Monday

Armenian law-enforcement agencies are hunting for Valeri Permyakov as of Monday afternoon, with the search spreading also to capital Yerevan.

Photo of Suspect Valeri Permyakov released by Armenian police
Photo of Suspect Valeri Permyakov released by Armenian police

According to the presidential press service, the command of the Russian military base in Armenia is fully cooperating with the country’s law-enforcement authorities, providing active assistance to the investigation.

The importance of clarifying details of the crime as soon as possible, identifying those responsible and bringing them to justice in all strictness of the law was stressed during the consultations called by President Sargsyan.

“Currently, all necessary steps are being taken to find the perpetrator of this barbarian act, and these steps are under the direct control of the president,” the statement said.