Islamic State terrorists killed in Russia

Eurasia News

Moscow, Russia: Islamic State (IS) is trying to conduct terrorist activities at two extreme points of Russia to show its presence, reports Dispatch News Desk (DND) news agency.

Meanwhile, Russian security agencies are conducting operations to kill terrorists everywhere they get information of their presence.

After the attack on the building of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) in Khabarovsk (Far Eastern Federal District) on Friday, Russian agencies killed two terrorists linked with Islamic State in southern Stavropol territory (North Caucasian Federal District) on late Friday.

According to the National Anti-Terrorist Committee (NATC), two terrorists linked with Islamic State were killed in the southern Stavropol territory.

“In the operation to stop activities of the so-called sleeping bandit gang, which swore allegiance to the IS international terrorist organization, at about 23:00 on April 21 at a road in the Kochubei district, the security authority’s personnel attempted to stop a Lada Priora car, where the bandits were”, said an official statement of NATC.

The statement further said that terrorists in the car opened fire with automatic guns and attempted to flee but were killed by forces.

Meanwhile, terrorists have been identified and one of them was head of the gang who had been in Middle East where he got training from IS and came to Russia for organizing terrorist attacks.

Raids were conducted in the area and at the house of one identified terrorist where grenades, IS promotional material and extremist religious literature were recovered.

It may be mentioned that FBS building in Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk was attacked on Friday and IS claimed responsibility of the attack. Two persons were killed while two were injured and attacker was killed by security forces.

The terrorist was identified as Anton. V. Konev born in 1999 who was a local resident of Khabarovsk.

According initial investigation, Konev opened fire from a TT pistol and then he took a Kalashnikov rifle from the killed FSB officer and started firing at FSB staffers present in waiting hall (reception area).

Konev was converted to Islam one year ago and there are some videos on his social network page on “Vkontakte” showing that several young people getting training to shoot from pistols and machine guns and saying “Allah O  Akbar” (God is great).