You find usually nothing about the human massacre and colossal purge of children in Yemen in media because the aggressor is powerful. Yemen is forgotten by Muslim Ummah and OIC because the killer and killed are Muslims. UN, EU, and other international bodies are quiet because the killer is powerful and rich while Yemeni children are down to poor having no food to survive.

In these circumstances, Turkish story writer, poet, songwriter, and composer Turgay Evren has raised the voice of voiceless Yemen—– the land facing brutal genocide.


His song “HOW CAN WE CARRY YOUR BURDEN, YEMEN?” makes you cry.

He questioned Humanity —He questioned the existence of Humanity and he questioned collective consciousness of Humans living around Yemen —–A part of the earth.

Lyrics of his song follows:


Brothers kill each other

For what reason

Children are starving

For no reason

Women are crying

Every season

Dark hearts do not follow

Any beacons


How can we carry

Your burden, Yemen

You kept crying

After hatred came


Houses are destroyed

Hearts are broken

Children are orphaned

Hopes are stolen

Young men are helpless

Love forgotten

Mercy is buried

Human, sunken