Denmark contributes $3.7 million to promote cultural in Pakistan

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Islamabad, Pakistan: The bilateral relation s between Denmark and Pakistan have reached to cultural development. Denmark contributes a two year program to promote Pakistani’s cultural and creative industrial development, reports APP.

Denmark contributes $3.7 million to promote cultural in Pakistan

The launching ceremony of the program held today at Lok Versa where Federal Information Minister Pervez Rashid was the chief guest. The two-year program is being implemented by the Danish Center for Culture and Development (CKU) in collaboration with national civil society organizations in throughout the country including FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan regions. The program is worth USD 3.7 million.

Denmark contributes $3.7 million to promote cultural in Pakistan

The minister attended the ceremony and appreciated the efforts of Pakistan’s friends on diplomatic fronts in assisting and executing its rich culture.

Addressing on the occasion Jesper Moller Sorensen, Ambassador of Denmark in Islamabad said in challenging times Pakistan is facing we must collaborate to promote its rich culture. He said Denmark is already engaged with Pakistan in various other areas of mutual interest, particularly in establishing and promoting creative industry and economic growth. “We are bringing business and investment in Pakistan so that more jobs can be created” said the ambassador while highlighting Pak-Dansih cordial ties. He further said that promoting creative industry would ultimately be providing a platform to every individual to put across his or her skills, talent and art.

CKU Executive Director Elsebeth Krogh on the occasion introduced the goals and objectives of the program. She informed that the program comprises of three components, empowerment of people through active participation in art and cultural activities; enhancement of economic growth through creative industries and finally promotion of inter-cultural dialogue and inter-cultural collaboration at national, regional and international levels.

Executive Director Lok Virsa Dr Fouzia Saeed highlighted the role and ongoing activities of Lok Virsa for preservation and promotion of Pakistan’s art, cultural and folk heritage. She noted that there were already various Pakistani cultural narratives which could be transmitted to masses. “We gave great Sufism through which we can bring change in the society” she said adding that Pakistani youth should be attracted to bring change.

The stunning ceremony was decorated with cultural, folk, musical and theatrical performances by CKU’s partner organizations. Performances included Cholistan Story Tellers by Lok Virsa’s Raanti Group, scenes from acclaimed play “Bulleh Shah” by Ajoka Theatre and musical performance by student-teacher duo from Balochistan on Baloch folk musical instruments ‘Saroz’ and ‘Chaghaka’ by CYAAD were also presented.

People from all walks of life including diplomats, government officials and officials from Danish Embassy and media attended the event.