Brazil Protests on Peak

Eurasia News

Brazil has entered a second week of mass protests, with hundreds of thousands turning out in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and elsewhere. Unrest left at least 100 injured and resulted in over 250 arrests on Monday.

The city, like many others throughout Brazil, is in its third day of demonstrations. On Monday, military police fired tear gas and rubber bullets as protesters attempted to break a blockade.

Hackers replaced a Brazil World Cup Website ( with a popular YouTube video that urges people not to come to the country to watch the World Cup, as well as a montage of alleged police brutality at the protests.

The unknown hackers also edited the title of the website with “Nao Venha Pata a Copa No Brasil. Do not come to Brasil for the world cup.” That is a sentiment that has made its way onto signs and chants used by demonstrators throughout Brazil, who see the link between the vast sums spent on preparations for the World Cup and the inability of the state to provide better social benefits as a symptom of corruption.