Baku's energy operator prepares for implementation of major projects in capital

Eurasia News

Baku, Azerbaijan: Bakielektrikshebeke JSC (distribution and sale of electricity in Baku) has launched large-scale works in connection with the implementation of mega-projects in Baku and other major plans, according to the article by the head of JSC Baba Rzayev, published on Wednesday in the “Khalq Gazeti” newspaper.

In particular, the article says work on large projects such as “White City”, “Green City” (amongst others) has begun in the capital. “In connection with the establishment of the industrial park in Garadagh as well as preparation for the first European Olympic Games in Azerbaijan in 2015, Bakielektrikshebeke has launched large-scale works,” Rzayev said.

According to him, the results of the works undertaken in 2012, the receipt and transmission networks have grown since 2006 by 80 percent to 5,270 megawatts.