17 killed in 3 terrorist attacks in Dushanbe including 11 law enforcers

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17 killed in 3 terrorist attacks in Dushanbe including 11 law enforcers

Dushanbe, Tajikistan: Dushanbe rocked with terror attacks on security personnel as the capital of Tajikistan witnessed two incidents in which around 11 policemen and security personnel have been killed so far. Unconfirmed information indicated that airport came twice under attack. Government claimed 8 law enforcing people killed and 9 terrorists were killed but no independent sources confirmed killing of 9 terrorists. Sputnik news agency claims that 33 police officers and soldiers are killed and personnel of 102nd military base of Russia in Tajikistan has been put on high alert following the clashes in the capital. The Russian Embassy in Tajikistan said on Friday evening that it had taken additional security measures following clashes in Dushanbe.

terrorist attacks in tajikistan
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UK Government has released Travel Advisory regarding armed clashes close to Dushanbe International Airport and asked its citizens t stay at home if they are in Dushanbe and do not visit Tajikistan if they plan their visit. US Embassy in Dushanbe have taken security measures as at least three attackers are at large. Embassy has been closed for work till fuhrer orders. Radio Liberty claimed that police cordoned off area near the airport conducted a house-to-house search after attacks.

The Tajik interior ministry released a press statement at evening and said that eight policemen were killed in the attacks, in the town of Vahdat just outside Dushanbe and at a central interior ministry building. Ministry blamed sacked Deputy Defence Minister Gen Aduhalim Nazarzoda for attacks and said that he was leading a “terrorist group”.


It may be mentioned that Nazarzoda is a former member of the United Tajik Opposition (UTO) and got title of General when he was fighting against government during 1992-97 civil war for establishing Islamic rule after independence of central Asian state. He joined the cabinet after a peace agreement that was signed in 1997. He is not happy with harsh handling of government against practicing Muslims and death of a college student by the hand of police ignited the situation because boy had beard and police abducted him and allegedly tortured him. He was hospitalized and sources in Dushanbe claimed the boy died of early morning of Friday and this situation played a role in attacks on law enforcing agencies by pro-Islamic elements.
The US embassy said it had closed and warned that the clashes “may be precursors to other acts of violence”.Tajik government has not released any information or details about these incidents while eyewitnesses claimed that there were looked like terrorists attacks.Information received from Vahdat indicated that main roads have been blocked by police and law enforcing agencies and hunt for more terrorists have been started.

Terror attacks in Dushanbe killed 11 law enforcers

According to unconfirmed information the first incident took place early morning outside Dushanbe airport where unidentified people fired at forces guarding the aiport and killed two soldiers of Special Purpose Police Detachment of MIA and one State Traffic Police inspector. Another STP inspector was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

In another attack took place in Vahdat area around 20 km away from Dushanbe. Unidentified attackers killed eight law enforcers in the town of Vahdat (20 km to the east of Dushanbe) on Friday morning. Two police officers were wounded. They were taken to a hospital. Their health condition is critical.

Terror attacks in Dushanbe Tajikistan killed 11 law enforcers

Law enforcing agencies have cordoned off area in Vahdat and journalists were not allowed to visit the spot till the filing of this report.

Information received from Vahdat indicated that main roads have been blocked by police and law enforcing agencies and hunt for more terrorists have been started.

According to taxi drivers who run on Dushanbe-Kulob road, the city is under the strict control of police and on the approaches to it are exhibited extra police checkpoints. Additional security measures are also taken directly to the capital of Tajikistan. Limited vehicular traffic is allowed in capital and particularly on popular and important Somoni. Avenue. The police reported that this limitation of traffic is due to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the National Guard. It may be mentioned President Emomali Rakhmon is planned to address event today in connection with 20th anniversary of the National Guard event.

Terror attacks in Dushanbe Tajikistan killed 11 law enforcers

It is pertinent to mention that Tajik authorities averted major terror attacks in July 2015 and arrested two men affiliated with the Islamic State extremist group who planned 12 terrorist attacks across the country. The Tajik Interior Ministry claimed that investigators found oxygen capsules, explosives, and other elements used to make bombs in the houses of the detained men, Bobojon Rajabov and Sadriddin Jabborov on July 24.

The ministry claimed in July that it intercepted one person who had connection with Islamic State militants in Syria and the accused informed interrogators that he was planning attacks on three police stations in Dushanbe and several other places across the country.

Tajik authorities informed Kyrgyzstan authorities that terrorists were also planning attacks inside in neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

Eyewitnesses claimed that attackers were armed with automatic weapons including AK-47. “People are scared and they do not talk about the event and this is hard to know what happened actually”, said one blogger when she was contacted to comment about situation in the city.

Australian media is giving special attention to this situation as it has sparked serious concern about the security of Australia’s World Cup qualifying fixture against Tajikistan that is scheduled on Tuesday within Tajikistan capital.